Frequently Asked Questions

What building contractor license do I need?

There are three different licensees used by most of the Building Departments in the State of Kansas.
1. Class A: required for commercial construction above 3 stories tall and other buildings such as arenas or exceptionally large venues. This license is also appropriate for all residential and commercial construction and remodels as well.
2. Class B: required for commercial and residential construction. Commercial construction is allowed up to and including 3 stories. Residential construction is allowed for single family homes and duplexes. A Class B license is required for a 3 or 4-plex and remodels of commercial construction.
3. Class C: required for residential construction and remodel for single family homes and duplexes.

What code book do I need for the contractor tests?

You will need the year 2018 International Residential code for one and two family dwellings and the year 2018 International Building code.

What are the rates of your services?

In-classroom instruction is $300 for 16 hours of instruction. 
Private tutoring is $500 per student. 

What time is the class and where is it located?

Class starts at 5:30 p.m. and ends at 9:00 p.m. Classes are located at 1401 N. Rock Rd. in Derby, Ks. That is Derby Fire Station 82. The class is a total of four nights.

What is covered in class?

You will receive a practice test that we will cover in detail during class and how to use the code book to find the answers. You can highlight the code book.

How much math is required for the test?

The questions that require math are very limited and require simple multiplication.
Calculators are allowed for the test. 

How do I register for the class?

Email or call Dale directly at [email protected] or 316-516-2717. 

Do I need to be in Wichita, KS to attend?

All classes & in person tutoring sessions are held in the Wichita, KS Metro area. We will travel to you no more than 50 miles.